Top Seven Gardening Ideas For Outdoor House


garden gravel landscaping ideas

Gravel and mismatched stones make for good ground cover and are low maintenance and sure to add brilliant texture for any landscaping ideas you’re considering. Plus, it’s an easy front yard landscape fix for those pesky areas you can’t seem to get around. Create a minimalist garden feel with gravel and raised beds dotted about for a rich, layered backyard landscaping idea.

Whether you’re after backyard landscaping ideas or front yard landscaping ideas, loose stones are inexpensive and look great anywhere. Everyone will be envious of your modern and minimalist garden, and you’ll be raving over how easy it is to maintain. Just remember – you’ll  always need more than you think to cover an area.


art landscaping ideas

Ever considered outdoor artwork or even mirrors? Outdoor artwork is a great zero maintenance feature to bring your yard to life. By choosing framed prints, mirrors, and sculptures wisely, you’ll be able to enjoy them for the long haul as they’ll always live outside weather permitting.

How about an interesting metal art installation on a wall for extra visual texture? Or a pretty mosaic or a painted mural? Mind you, these needn’t be major splurges requiring careful time and consideration as they’ll spend most of their lives outdoors and needn’t be expensive nor precious.


landscaping ideas

When it comes to life-enhancing landscaping ideas, sometimes it pays to be as creative and dramatic as you can be. Transform your backyard by designing a stunning walkway boasting an arched arbor festooned with vibrant blooms and vines.

You can create one bold arbor or make a statement with a series of arbors working to create a romantic walkway while highlighting the gorgeous landscaping ideas you’ve introduced throughout your backyard. Plus, arbors can be inexpensive to build and quite easy to manage – even without a green thumb in tow.


landscape design ideas

Add a sense of old-world everyday glamor to your landscape design with beautifully manicured topiaries scattered about as they’ll instantly add a luxurious sense of elegance and a well-judged imprint to boot.

Visually striking and unique on their own, topiaries will work to help evoke a richly layered effect while giving the eye something to focus on. The trick here is to pay attention to scale as you want them to be just the right size for brilliant effect.


Another route to defining romantic backyard landscaping ideas, lined pathways are the ultimate in English countryside chic and don’t require a ton of space of care. By lining a simple walkway you’ll help to define it better while creating anticipation in guests for what lies ahead.

Though plants and botanicals lining your walkway can be added in any height, our interior designers suggest going for a low-lying look to avoid taking up too much visual space with noise.


landscape design vines

If you’re looking for dramatic front yard landscaping ideas, a flowing order of vines and ivy may just do the trick thanks to their sumptuous scale and drooping nature. If you’re home’s facade can handle the wear and tear that comes from watering and maintaining plants, vines will make for a gorgeous option.

From all green vines to delightful pops of color, it all depends on how full they can grow and how well you manage them as they’ll require more maintenance than other landscaping ideas will.


Looking for sustainable landscaping ideas that go beyond your average compost kit? Why not create your own vegetable garden as you’ll save money on groceries and relish in pride once you take in how fruitful the yield is on your returns.

Outdoor gardens are wonderful for unwinding and being at one with nature while getting in extra exercise as you plant and maintain your garden. The key here is to do your research before purchasing seeds as you’ll need to know what will grow best in your area and exactly how much work it will take you to grow and manage everything.

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