Top Four Home DIY Ideas in 2019

Baskets on the bathroom wall

Newest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends 2019The baskets on the wall are a great idea for decoration because they keep the towels and other objects of hygiene and perfumery, keeping the bathroom always organized. In addition, they are simple, affordable and easy to find parts in any store to make the environment innovative and functional.

When it comes to decorating, you can identify certain patterns that already exist in your bathroom and choose wicker baskets or picnic baskets, in a round or square shape. The important thing is to find a model that matches the style present in the environment and with the other objects.

It is easy to attach the baskets to the wall: you can use individual hooks or towel racks with horizontal bar format. If it is not possible to fasten the basket handles directly to the supports, the tip is to tie elastic bands or satin ribbons at each end of the pieces so that they are suspended.

Decoration for the home with glass jars

Newest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends 2019

Do you know those compote and canned glasses that everyone keeps without knowing when they will use it? Well, you can take advantage of them in the decoration of the house. Just select the right objects to fill each pot, be it colorful jewelry, cloth handkerchiefs, fruit and more.

An interesting idea of arrangement for parties or Christmas Eve is to distribute glasses with lighted candles on the dining table. And, if you like plants, try putting little terrariums with cactus and succulent seedlings inside the glass jars. The sequence of layers of materials is as follows:

  • pebbles;
  • sand;
  • vegetable soil.

Afterwards, it is only to plant the species and to water with the aid of a syringe, every 15 days. Terrariums look great on desks, shelves, and coffee tables, but you can also place them in the kitchen or bathroom.

The last tip is perfect for perfuming the rooms. For this, you should turn the glass pots into aroma diffusers. The recipe includes 700ml of cereal alcohol, 200ml of water and 100ml of your favorite essence. Mix everything inside the pot, dip five bamboo or wooden chopsticks and you’re done.

Decorating Ideas with Polka Dots

Newest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends 2019

To brighten any decor, you can draw or paint some colored marbles on the wall with spray paint or brush. It is also possible to install hooks on them and use them as hangers to hang bags, clothes and toys.

If you prefer a discreet look, the tip is to paint all the marbles of a single color or invest in black and white. This type of composition is ideal for creating a minimalist effect and, because it has a neutral base, can be complemented by small accessories in vibrant tones (yellow and red, for example).

Another way to include polka dots in the environment is to invest in poplar fabrics. Bed covers, bedding, tablecloths and curtains are just a few examples, and you have the possibility of combining them with strings of lights – those made with round lamps, as if they were lit balls.

Bins in home decoration

Newest DIY Home Decoration Ideas Trends 2019

The wooden crates are perfect for anyone who wants to contribute to the recycling of materials. The advantage is that they can be found at major fairs or supermarkets in cities, at low prices or at no cost.

You can turn crates into amazing pieces to embellish different environments. As they are small items, the tip is to stack them or combine them in different ways to assemble shelves, shelves, niches, small tables and bedside tables.

The preparation of each piece requires the washing and sanding of the entire surface. Once it is completely dry, you can apply varnish or paint with a paint in the color of your preference. The veneer is interesting because it protects and highlights the natural appearance of the wood while maintaining a rustic look.

With the finishes ready, just take advantage of the versatility of the crates. They can store crockery and food in the kitchen, pictures and sculptures in the living room, books and folders in the home office, shoes in the bedroom and flower pots on the porch. That simple.

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