The Best Affordable Home Furnishing Stores in Vancouver

The challenge of finding furnishings that are affordable, functional, and stylish could be difficult but not in Vancouver.  Creating a liveable space that reflects who you are does not need to break the bank nor cause much anxiety. With a bit of online research, a good friend with a truck, or even a taxi van, budding decorators have the power to create spaces that are not only somewhere to live but are comfortable to bring friends and that special place where you want to lay your head down and dream.


affordable home furnishings in vancouver

With four locations in the Lower Mainland, JYSK is the place for affordable bedroom furniture. Seemingly, every item, whether it is a bed frame, mattress or wardrobe, is under $300 and if you are under 5’5 and desperately require a live, work, sleep unit (roughly the size of a new downtown mini-suite), it will set you back a mere $800. While waiting to fill in your delivery slip, take the time to check out the impulse-buy section of colourful kitschy knick-knacks that make for great gift bags filler for the upcoming housewarming party.


best affordable home furnishings vancouver

Once it was almost impossible to get home $100 worth of IKEA homewares. Who doesn’t remember backing up to the loading area, after stuffing yourself on the poached salmon special, Swedish meatballs and ligonberry soft ice cream, and stuffing purchases into too small hatchbacks? Flash forward to the 2000’s and it is still affordable and enduring new student tradition. So load-up on Hobbit inspired cutlery, frosted drinking glasses, paper floor lamps, those too cool black square plates, tea candles (in flats of 100s) and don’t forget to enjoy the ride home with a giant corn stalk plant pot in your lap.

Value Village

best affordable home furnishings vancouver

A re-vamped ‘VV Boutique’ emerged years ago with a slick website and higher prices on clothing (insert complaining here) but if you are looking for retro kitchen wares, there are 150 VV’s in Canada and the USA providing that perfectly good but used rice-cooker, bread maker, giant hand-painted Guatemalan plate, wooden salad bowl, and rows upon rows of amazing vessels to drink from – champagne flutes that say ‘Happy Birthday Courtney’, ceramic beer steins, new in the box sake sets, beakers, mismatched tea cups, shooter glasses, medieval goblets and too cute kitten coffee cups.

Wildlife Thrift Store

best affordable home furnishings in vancouver

Located at the foot of the Granville Street bridge, the Wildlife Thrift Store is ‘The Big Green’ and a treasure hunters dream. Since 1997, this legendary space has been family-owned and operated, and firm believers in recycling and giving back to local charities like The Gathering Place, Coast Mental Health and Positive Living BC. The front area is dedicated to furniture and decorative elements with small rooms sorted to make it easy to find pillows, baskets, stereo sets and thigh-high speakers, small counter appliances and linens.

HomeSense Canada

affordable home furnishing vancouver

HomeSense is the perfect chain store for affordably priced lush towels, expensive looking (and feeling) linen sets, giant clocks and everything needed to make even the most boring bathroom look spectacular. Hint: Before getting all googly-eyed in the over-sized sparkly glass vase section, ask a sales associate for directions to the ‘damaged goods’ section and pick-up a bedroom mirror (the size of a Car2Go) with a dinged corner that can be fixed easily with a coloured marker.

The Cross Decor and Design

cheap homewares vancouver

Trying to define the word ‘affordable’ in a city as affluent as Vancouver is futile. Opened in 2003 by the uber-stylish Darci Ilich and Stephanie Vogler, entering into the ‘The Cross’ is akin to stepping into a Pinterest explosion of meringue. Frothy white, matte silver, and a touch of soft pastels dabbed about, are accented with organic elements, which serve to add a touch of reality in this dreamscape. It is a gorgeous store to experience and the service impeccable.

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