Modular Kitchen Design

With the kitchen being one of the most used parts of the home, everyone deserves a glamorous modular kitchen design which lets them enjoy spending time in. Apart from the functioning appliances, what’s also important is the modern kitchen design that you’ll cherish for years. We at WoodenStreet, have come up with different modular kitchen designs that will help people optimize their own and get themselves a glamorous treat. From uber-glam counter-tops to classic backsplashes to whimsical lighting, we’ve got all the kitchen revamping inspiration you could ever need.


FRP Home Modular Kitchen, Rs 75000 /piece, The Beauty Kitchen | ID ...

modular kitchen is made up of pre-made modules or cabinet parts that are fitted together to create a functional kitchen. This well-organized kitchen makes sure that space is utilized to the maximum. … With several materials to choose from, these modular kitchens are essential to have.


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