Gardening Vertically

Owners and renters of small homes, condos, and apartments are finding creative ways to incorporate green into their lives—no matter the size of their space. Portland-based garden designer J.J. De Sousa calls these small gardens “micro-sized spaces with big impact.” One of the best and easiest ways to add green to a small space is through vertical gardening.

Vertical gardening is for anyone—whether you rent a small apartment with a windowsill or own an acre of land. Here are some simple vertical gardening ideas you can use to add green to your space:

  • Mount a staghorn fern and hang it as a focal point
  • Propagate plants in wall vases (check out Hilton Carter’s Instagram for inspiration)
  • Arrange wall planters in your kitchen for growing herbs or microgreens
  • Build a terra cotta planter wall on your fence
  • Create your own vertical jungle with a living wall kit
  • Use wrought iron flower pot rings to elevate planters on your porch or balcony
  • Fill a few wall planters with trailing plants for a waterfall of greenery

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