Looking For Beach Houses Accommodation?

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Hey all, I wanted to share this with you  because I love you guys! I was looking into other people’s beach houses and came across this site that you can browse for places to stay…

Website page: http://www.stayz.com.au/accommodation/wa/perth/perth-beaches

Not only this site gave me places that I go to and stay but it also gave me ideas on what to do for my next project, well hopefully when I ave enough money to do so! Don’t laugh.. one lotto win and I might just buy all of them! Hahahahaha! Who’s laughing now?

I know I’ve just started this site. But I’d love some feedback you all! So write to me by contacting me here.

This is a short post.. short and sweet but worthy of sharing. Remember, sharing is caring!

Peace out you all! Oh by the way, if you have any other places on the net that has cool beach houses, let me know. Especially if it’s local to me as I’d like to get some ideas on how to make mine look.

Locksmith For Beach House

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You might think leaving in a beach house.. you can do anything you like. It might be true, when compared an apartment in the city but with regards to security it is still relatively the same needs. For example you will still have to lock your doors to make sure your house is secure.

Unless you are a handyman around the house, then you will definitely need a service professional like a locksmith that will install and fix any locks in your house. The design of the actual lock installed might be different because it has to suit your house. A residential in the city will have to conform to a certain standard style. But at least with a beach house you get to choose from a lot more designs. Why you might ask? Well to put it quite simply, a beach house are further apart from each other. So your next door neighbour won’t be as nosy enough to care about your lock design choice.

When it comes to choosing the right locksmith to do the job I am very fussy. After all, you are investing in your security and overall safety. Choosing the wrong provider to install and maintain your locks might be detrimental in the future. So it is wise to stick to well known and reputable provider.

What I normally do is ask for some sort of accreditation proof. Because let’s face it, you don’t want to be presented with a cowboy who doesn’t know what he’s doing, right? Well I haven’t actually chose a provider yet but a friend of mine in Perth did choose his locksmith that he absolutely recommend. He found it on the internet.

Back to my beach house requirements.. it needs something less ‘locky’ but will still make my favourite place secure. A design which will fit in with the rest of the decor. Definitely not the locks that are shiny and blinds you when you look at it. It ain’t a penthouse.

Ohh I nearly forgot, in case of an emergency, I’d really like my locksmith to be available at anytime of the day. Basically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation. That would be nice and will definitely make me feel so secure.

Alrighty enough of me talking about this. Time for me to take action and actually call the guy (well I presume the locksmith is a guy) but I might actually get a girl doing it. Absolutely nothing wrong with it.